Amateur Radio Service HF Selective Calling Address Database Directory
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Amateur Radio Selcall Address : to : Callsign. Standard Protocol.
International Standard for Amateur Radio Callsign Conversion to Numeric Selcall Address

CCIR 493-4 High Frequency Selective Calling and other High Frequency selective calling protocols.

This is a public document for ITU and other governmental regulatory purposes.
SELCALL6 = 6 digit Selcall number (nnnnnn).
SELCALL4 = 4 digit Selcall number (nnnn). Current standard for Amateur HF Selcall.
CALLSIGN = Amateur Radio Call Sign.
SELFORMAT = Selective Calling protocol type or format.
CONTROLLER = Radio type, Selective Calling Device type, or Selcall Protocol type.
GPxxx0 = All Call, Group, or SubGroup Selcall to subset number ending in "0".
- Example of 4 digit All Call: 3000 calls 3111 (and all numbers 3xxx).
- Example of 4 digit Group Call: 3100 calls 3111 (and all numbers 31xx).
- Example of 4 digit SubGroup Call: 3110 calls 3111 (and all numbers 311x).

Version Date: 2023AUG28A
This database is maintained by: HFLINK