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IC-M710 Service Manual

Icom IC-M710 Wide Filter Mod for ALE

ALE Hardware Interface Information

Icom IC-M710 Transceiver Quiet Relay Scan Mod

About the modification
The following is a basic overview of a Quiet Relay Scan modification developed for the Icom IC-M710 transceiver for use with ALE (Automatic Link Establishment) controllers. It is a relatively simple mod, because the IC-M710 (IC-M710RT) transceiver already has a Quiet Relay Scan function that it uses for internal memory scanning. However, the firmware design does not utilize the function while external CAT control is scanning the radio frequencies. The purpose of this mod is to force that function to be enabled continuously, even while under CAT control. CAT control of the IC-M710 requires the MMI files included here for download.

Download pdf: "ICOM M710 FIX for PC-ALE USE" by Tony Rycko KA2UFO
Icom IC-M710 Wide Filter Mod for ALE

Download pdf: Icom IC-M710 MMI Files for PCALE MMI.zip file

Circuit modification theory
The +8V chip supply voltage (logic=hi) is connected to a specific point in the radio's scanning hardware logic, thereby enabling the internal quiet relay scan feature to function permanently for all modes and conditions of the radio, including external CAT control.

This modification is not approved by Icom! This modification is for educational purposes only. If you decide to risk working on your radio, keep in mind that the warranty may be void when you do this. Don't even attempt this modification unless you are technically qualified to follow it through properly. If you are not technically qualified, it is suggested that you either seek out someone who is qualified to do the mod, or else don't do the mod. If you destroy your radio, it is entirely your fault. No liability is assumed by HFLINK, HFPACK, or the authors.
You have been warned.

The use of Full Break-In CW is not recommended with this mod because it is likely that it will add key clicks when the bandpass relays are being rapidly switched by fast morse keying. This will not cause a problem in other modes such as ALE or SSB or digital.

1. Pointed tweezers
2. Pointed tip soldering iron
3. 60/40 Lead Solder, multicore, small diameter
4. Magnifying lamp
5. Needle nose pliers
6. Diagonal cutters
7. Sharp pointed knife to cut a PCB trace

1. Small insulated wire,
20AWG to 30AWG, such as wire-wrap wire, about 2 inches long.

The modification procedure
1. Preparation: Remove all power and other external connections to the radio. the outer enclosure of the IC-M710 radio enclosure, and locate the area of the Main Unit PC Board as shown in the photographs. 

2. Cut the PC board trace between resistor R827 [=] and W27 [0] as shown. Refer to the schematic, PC board drawings, photographs, and service manual, as needed, to verify the exact location of the cut.

3. Strip the ends of the insulated wire and solder it between the cut end of R827
[=] and IC chip IC6 [I06] (TD62783AF) pin 9 as shown.

4. Inspect the work with magnification. Test the radio on the bench with a dummy load transmitting, and an antenna for reception. Increment external CAT frequency scanning through all the channels, and test every band for transmit power to verify that the Transmit Bandpass Relays are working properly on transmit.

5. Assemble the radio enclosure. Modification is complete.

2018 HFLINK. All Rights Reserved.

This mod was developed by Bonnie KQ6XA and Tony KA2UFO.

PHOTO OF COMPLETED MOD (click to zoom)
Photo by Tony KA2UFO

Photo by Tony KA2UFO

Photo by Tony KA2UFO

PHOTO DIAGRAM OF MOD (click to zoom)

Drawing by Bonnie KQ6XA


Drawing by Bonnie KQ6XA

Drawing by Bonnie KQ6XA

Download PDF:
Icom IC-M710 Wide Filter Mod for ALE a fix for PCALE pausing by Tony Rycko

2018 HFLINK. All Rights Reserved.

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