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High Frequency NetworkFirst Ham Radio 24/7 ALE
HF Network is On The Air
with ALE-SMS Email
26 June 2007 - A team of radio operators successfully deployed 5 stations on the air, in the first phase of a global constellation of ALE HF stations, in the new ham radio ALE HF Network. The new HFN Pilot Stations are equipped with scanning ALE transceivers, multiband antenna systems, and special software control systems. Ham radio ALE users in the field on HF connect with the HFN Pilot Stations to exchange digital ALE-SMS text messaging to and from internet devices such as cell mobile phones, black berry type devices, PDAs, PCs and laptops. ALE users also relay ALE messages to other ALE HF users via the same system. More information about the ALE High Frequency Network will be available soon.
ARRLHFLINK Comments to ARRL on New Data Communication Protocols
15 May 2007 - HFLINK responded to ARRL's February announcement that it seeks comments from amateurs concerning development of an open-source, non-proprietary, data communications protocol suitable for use by radio amateurs over HF fading paths.
Read the HFLINK response letter here.
ARRL's announcement was discussed at length in the HFLINK Forum. The response includes recommendations, information, specific details, and research on non-proprietary HF protocols that are presently available for further development by the amateur radio community, and adoption of these as ham standards for HF data communications and HFIP. Hams can take advantage of the HF industry's vast research and development through adoption of a suite of protocols based mainly upon PSK and MFSK waveforms found in MIL, STANAG, and FED standards. HFLINK recommends the immediate installation of an ALE station at ARRL's amateur radio station W1AW, and the commencement of QST bulletins using ALE text messaging via AMD and DBM formats, as a flagship example and a platform for the advancement of new data communication protocols. The recommendations include a basic common access layer using 141 ALE adaptions for amateur radio, as the universal foundation, with a flexible array of several high speed and robust formats and protocol layers for HF messaging, chatroom, data transfer, SMS, email, and HFIP. Specifically, HFLINK recommends that ARRL supports the development of a new PC software program that is modem-neutral, for HFIP, using the STANAG 5066 open 5066 standard. ...more info
Solar Cycle 24 Prediction NOAA Forecasts Late Start for Solar Cycle 24
The next 11-year solar cycle will most likely start March 2008 and peak in late 2011 or mid-2012 – up to a year later than expected – according to a forecast issued today by NOAA’s Space Environment Center in coordination with an international panel of solar experts.
Originally expected to start between late 2006 and early 2007, the delayed onset of Solar Cycle 24 stymied the solar expert panel and left them evenly split on whether a weak or strong Cycle 24 lies ahead, but it seems at this point as though none of them are predicting a record-breaker. In the cycle forecast issued today, half of the panel predicts a moderately strong cycle of 140 sunspots, plus or minus 20, expected to peak in October of 2011.  The other half predicts a moderately weak cycle of 90 sunspots, plus or minus 10, peaking in August of 2012. An average solar cycle ranges from 75 to 155 sunspots.  The late decline of Cycle 23 has helped shift the panel away from its earlier leaning toward a strong Cycle 24. Now the group is evenly split between strong and weak. ...more info
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New ALE Channels
New Ham Radio ALE Channels - July 2007
The new ALE channel frequencies went into effect on 01 July 2007. View the new channel list or download the fill files for PCALE.
The new channels include additional frequencies for digital keyboard texting, ALE SMS-Messaging, and some new Pilot Channels in the 21MHz and 28MHz bands to comply with international and regional bandplans and regulations. The new PCALE fill files are now specially designed for different regions and countries of the world, and have a variety of scan groups to chose from.

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