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The Official Chronicle of the HF Oracle Member Supply Depot

The High Frequency Oracle Prognostication of 2018 for Solar Cycle 25

The High Frequency Oracle Prognostication of 2018 for Solar Cycle 25 (c)2018 Bonnie_Crystal

The HF Oracle Prognostication of 2018 for Solar Cycle 25

Today, the High Frequency Oracle emerged from a trance at her Solar Observatory on a remote mountaintop, to announce foreboding predictions on the upcoming Solar Cycle 25.

These rare prognostications are made less than once per decade, during times of ionospheric despair, when the high frequency faithful seek guidance for their future.

In keeping with tradition, the HF Oracle casts her prescient spells of propagation foresight in the obscure quatrain verses of a nearly-extinct ancient tongue, upon which learned scholars and venerable poets of magic still argue interpretation.

As is customary, an image of her predicted Solar Cycle and peak sunspot number was held up for the solar pilgrims who had awaited this moment on the steps of The Observatory.

Quatrains of the High Frequency Oracle in 2018

Solaris Minima, saucio Mega Hertzus;
Solaris Maximus, Radiati Potentius!
Rogo deam salum aqua te Amplificos,
Altus Frequencius, Ionospheri Reflectus!

Mors ad solaris ad minima,
Nunc transibo ergo vallis solaris,
Dum radiis sol sunt infirma!
In futuris spectare debes!

Temporis telescopiorum! Futura praedicere!
Sol Ex Observatorio maga denuncio:
Ego sum Oraclum ad templi ex ionosphere.
Sal positus sum super altare is caelo.

Exspectamus fulsere solaris ignes,
Incantabo magicae autem solaris!
Quod augur Sororibus inspecto es sol discus.
Quid futurum adducere? Que videtis?

Est anno MMXVIII et, hodie quoque annuntian:
Quia sol est austero duo annis magis,
Quinquennium ab hodie, sol et apicum.
Ego praedicate nuntius anno duo milia viginti tres!

Et apicem in solem a super verticem montis,
Numero centum viginti erit, ex sol macula.
Quia non promitto, alta-frequencia a maximus,
Sed, certe, magnetismus protegens planeta nostra.

Est scriptum in manus maga.
Illa cantata carmina curati nos.
Femina dicitur ad frequencia!
Numquam locutus est malum preces.

Undecim annis expectorum prophetiae ad novam,
Quoniam, undecim annis ab hodie, sol et austero.
Longo vivas tempore et bene sit. Aeternum!
Sit vis vobiscum et bene vitae custodio.

Roughly translated into English:

Solar minimum, the MegaHertz are wounded!
Solar Maximum, the radiation is powerful!
I call upon goddess of the Salt Water Amplifier,
Oh, high frequency ionosphere, reflect us!

Death to the solar minimum,
We cross the Valley of the Sun.
While the sun is weak,
We peer into our future.

Time Telescope! Predict the future!
From the Solar Observatory, the witch announces:
I am the Oracle at The Temple of the Ionosphere,
I hereby make a salt offering to the ionosphere!

We look at the solar flares;
We invoke the magic solar encantations!
The Sisters Of Prescience study the sun's disk,
Asked about the future: What do they see?
It is the year 2018, and today, I declare
The sun will be bleak for two more years;
Five years from today, the sun will peak.
I proclaim: This a message about year 2023!

At the peak of next sun on top of the mountain,
Cycle 25 sunspot number will peak at 120.   
I do not promise the high frequencies will be great,
But, at least the magnetic field will shield our planet.

It was written by her hands.
She chanted the verses.
She called for the bands!
Never spoke evil curses.

In 11 years from now, we will make another prophecy;
For we will dwell in a solar minimum again eleven years from today.
Live long, and prosper. Forever!
May the force be with you, and watch over you.

...It was thus written by her hand on 3 September in the year 2018.
-Bonnie Crystal KQ6XA, Scribe and Chronicler of The High Frequency Oracle

The HF Oracle Prognostication of 2009 for Solar Cycle 24

Incantation Quatrain of the High Frequency Oracle

Solaris Minimus, Mega Hertzus;
Solaris Maximus, Radiati Potentius!
Longitudis Latitudus, Saltus Aqua Ampliphius;
Altus Frequencius, Ionospheri Reflectus!

For Year 2010 I henceforth predict...

Good News for Solar Cycle 24
In our great and long HF journey of lifetimes... having passed our darkest hour in March 2009; having dwelt in the deepest chasm of the second valley of the bottom of Olde Sol 23; from this point into future years of four; we shall venture upward on the Slope of Flux!

Joy and Relief in March-May 2010
We shall climb the steep steps of the Mountain Of New Sol 24 together, with ever greater momentum and strength. By the moon of April 2010 we shall reach the average Solar Flux heights of 80 or more! The Fast Tiger of the east shall rise and pounce gracefully upon the waves of 18MHz, yielding a time of spring health among the Strong Portables and Quick Mobiles; The Pedestrians shall play in the meadow again. With each sunset and sunrise, The Pack shall rejoice in the DX of Higher Frequencies, taking leaps and bounds on the trail of double hop. The Guardians of The Towers shall open The High Gates of Ten Metres; The Pedestrians shall tread softly on the sand of the beach in the realm of The Giants of Twenty.

Uncertainty in June-August 2010

By July 2010, the Feeble Bear of the summer west shall obscure the gains of the previous moons; The Portables shall quest for more DX; yet few sweet drops of the Elixir of Great Propagation shall satiate their thirst. Driven from the Highest Bands, The Portables shall again wander the land, seeking nourishment from 14MHz short hops, and taking flight with The Fleeting Bird of trans-equatorial 21MHz multi-hops. In the midst of despair, The Great Clouds Of The Sporadic-E shall unexpectedly appear over the fields, irrigating the planet with ions; strong and powerful voices shall grow, with even the Weakest Of Watts being rewarded on 21MHz and higher!

Greatness in September-December 2010
The eager Fast Tiger shall devour the tired Weak Bear. By November 2010, the Warriors and Sages who fought so triumphantly in the Battle of the Plateau shall find victorious comfort in the multi-hop DX gardens of 14 to 24MHz. Having climbed past the Solar Flux of 90, The Pack shall bask in the light of propagation contentment, feasting daily on the green flora of 18MHz. Mobiles and Portables shall roam the hills, exploring even the peaks of 28MHz. Guardians Of The Towers shall breathe easier, having found solace running barefoot through the wide open 5MHz and 7MHz bands; they shall turn their beams on 21MHz; they shall chase the beast of Spectrum Maximus and slaughter whole bands with Split Rare DX Pileups. The Morsepounders and the Digirati shall seek freedom and fortitude in 10MHz throughout the night, and dream yea verily into the dawn of early morning! The Emcomms shall drink ALE from The Chalice Of The High Frequency.

Fullness Then Bleakness in Years 2011-2020
Year 2011 shall bring more health to The HF Dwellers. The Pack shall climb to reach the Sol 24 Mountain Peak and summit it in 2014; then light shall shine on all who venture forth into HF Wilderness. The mountain peak shall not overlook the summits of past quests. By 2019 the Sojourners of HF shall descend down the path, and shall wallow in the depths of a deep canyon once again. Only the strong and brave shall remain.

...and so it was written, by her hand, on 17 December 2009.
-Bonnie Crystal KQ6XA, Scribe and Chronicler of The High Frequency Oracle

The High Frequency Oracle has brought us profound foreknowledge of Solar Cycles 20 through 25. It is rumored that as a novice prognosticator, she was tutored by her predecessor The Greatest HF Oracle; famous for predicting 9 Solar Cycles, and drawing her last breath in 1953 after uttering the last verse of her quatrains for The Most Exalted Solar Cycle 19. The HF Oracle now carries that burden of The Transmission Of The Esoteric High Frequency Dharma; it having been passed down in secret ceremonies through the unbroken lineage of Great HF Oracles of prehistoric times before Solar Cycle One; witnessed by The Ancient Order Of The High Frequency Nuns, in the innermost faraday anechoic chambers of the paramount Observatory.

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La traduzione approssimativa in Italiano:

Al minimo Sole, feriti giacciono i MegaHertz;
Attendiamo il Grande Picco! I Potenti raggi!
Invoco Amplifico, dea dell’acqua salata,
l’Alta Frequenza, la Grande Propagazione!

Fra le ceneri della radiazione solare
vaghiamo nella profonda Valle del Sole
e fra i tenui raggi
scrutiamo il futuro

È il tempo della Specola! Tempo di predizioni!
Dal suo Telescopio Solare la maga vaticina:
Io sono l’Oracolo del Tempio della Ionosfera.
L’offerta di sale è per la Ionosfera.

Sorgete fiamme solari!
Che la magia solare rinasca!
Le Sorelle della Propagazione scrutano il disco solare.
Quale futuro ci attende? Cosa vedete?

In questo anno 2018, dico e predico:
Per due anni ancora il Sole langue e stenta
a cinque anni da oggi raggiungerà il suo picco.
Questo dunque è il messaggio, l’anno 2023!

Alla sua prossima salita, il sole al suo picco
si coprirà con 120 macchie
La sua Potenza non sarà massima,
ma la sua protezione assicurata.

Scritto di suo pugno dalla maga
da lei cantato in versi
La Sibilla ha predetto il Ciclo
Non c’è male nelle sue parole.

Undici anni per la prossima profezia;
perché fra undici anni da oggi il sole tornerà per noi austero.
Lunga vita e prosperità! Per Sempre!
E che la forza sia con voi e vi custodisca.

-Per gentile concessione dello Scriba, Eusebio IU0JZN.


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